Five guys once soared as TVXQ. Now, their battle of nerves is bruising their fandom.

They have split into ‘2:3’ and released new songs, causing an unseen friction between the two sides. This is because both new songs contain lyrics that seem to attack the opposite side. This feud is scarring the fans who have supported all five members unchangingly till now; some say that they feel confused from the two sides splitting and pushing the blame onto each other.

The controversy exploded on the 3rd when the title song <Why (Keep Your Head Down)> of the 2-unit TVXQ’s new album was released. The song is expected to cause a ripple effect as its lyrics seem to be attacking JYJ, the members who left SM Entertainment.

The controversial lyrics includes parts such as ‘You probably think I’ll crumble without you/That’s a delusion you’ve had from before/Why are you acting like…

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