We’ve reported that Junsu had directed his disappointed tweets toward a certain hyung.

Sim Jaewon, a former member of the SM group Black Beat and one of SM’s current choreographers, recently tweeted saying, “I can’t just let this pass.. ..Little brother, this is really not right…. Who’s at blame here? Don’t pretend to be upset. Who do you think is really hurt….? You’re so ungrateful, how could you do this…?”

BoA retweeted his tweet and fans have interpreted this tweet to be directed to Junsu, especially because of the “hyung” and “little brother” reference. Many JYJ fans are outraged, but many others are now cautious to take a step into the matter.

No JYJ or HoMin Bashings! TQ very much!!!

Source: @BoA_1105 and @Famous_Jae
Credits: Koreaboo
Shared by: JYJ3

BOA is SM’s shareholder.

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