To send you who shared all the joys and sorrows for 7 years

Until I read ‘thanks to’ that you wrote, I really wanted to believe you also thought the same with them. I wanted to support both of you. But I think you want that fans choose one side.

After I read last Junsu’s tweet, I cried a lot. And I really wanted to become your antifan, but I can’t do that because it made my 7 years unworthily. So I’ll decide to support my poor boys much more.. thanks to help to make up my mind.

For last 7 years, I was proud that I was your fan. And I was thankful to that I was your fan. Although you’re younger than me, you overcame many hardships and you tried to your best that your dreams came true. And you did it. You were on the top. So…

Lihat pos aslinya 245 kata lagi


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