JYJ’s fans spam report as much as possible on Junsu twitter article, so many vicious comments were erased (rare to make this happen, actually never seen this happen, even with Jay park madness…), JYJ’s fans fought hard for Junsu yesterday, fans feel more for Junsu, because knowing junsu character, he doesn’t express his emo like JJ or Micky.. however, Homin’s fans have more reason to attack JYJ, it became public dis on their side of view.

ToJunsu from me: it’s ok, sometimes you have to express too

About Yoochun asking Junsu during interview, “why did you do that” (direct translation of junsu waguraeseo,  really means ‘what happened?’…. Junsu”).
Micky express holding children Ango vs dle go**… not perfect choice of Korean words during KBS news program.

SAD to watch Junsu and micky’s words without any context use to create more drama … and more sad to watch all english news…

Lihat pos aslinya 49 kata lagi


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