DC is confirmed to support JYJ. (don’t show sign of an official statement, very progressive thread and hate formality) – nobody can argue about DC, they are completely pro JYJ’s fans.

DNBN admin is still in discussion… however, mass majority are supporting JYJ, more and more. DNBN is going after the origin of JYJ rumors (antis).

Daum 20 sum fancafe: officially pro JYJ.

Bestiz: MUCH more pro JYJ, increase more after JYJ’s album release.

Yuerubi: many move to daum fancafe after their official announcement,
now yuerubi is left only  with youth fans… this is the place where hm and jyj fans are fighting the hardest to keep thread.

Telzone: hm thread (main base of hm fans) are focus on yuerubi now.

Report done by @mickeyyuchun
Shared by: JYJ3

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