The writer of the TV show, “Radio Star” was criticized JYJ in public.
The ‘Writer A’ wrote on his twitter, “I truely think JYJ should be ruined some day.” and “You guys were not human beings. That is why you’re saying that SM didn’t treat you as human being..”
“Don’t act like you’re victims, sociopath” “I want to throw up whenever I think of JYJ. I feel terrible even when I see news about JYJ”

This writer picked ‘Seong Gyun Gwan Scandal’ as a worst drama. Also, JYJ fans are criticizing her after she revealed that she‘s a fan of YunHo and ChangMin.

When her tweets became the talk of the Netizens, she wrote “Yes~ I’m sorry. I didn’t know there were many people reading my tweets. I am a loser. Just forgive me please. Tomorrow is a new year. Please accept my apology kindly and happy new year…

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