Group JYJ member Kim Junsu’s tweet had left fans in agony.

Kim Junsu in the afternoon on January 6th wrote in his twitter, “This can’t be true… I came to believe that the person was the enemy of all five of us, however now I think not all of us see it that way.” “Seeing how you express your gratitude to someone who was our enemy, makes me wondering… there must be a lot of things happened when we were apart for a long time. I’m getting tired.” he wrote.

He continued, “I try to think, see, and listen only to the good things from all these times, but just today I find it really difficult.” Kim Junsu also wrote, “Eventhough we’re apart, this isn’t right, Hyung. We used to share the same thought. Why are you doing this.” the writing seems to concern to a specific person.

JYJ fans…

Lihat pos aslinya 148 kata lagi


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