“They are not.. They .. I have trusted it from now.. They are the enemy of our 5. I’ve thought the same like that… But to some of us, they’re not the enemy. I was thankful to had thought the same…
Perhaps there were many things when we were not together. I’m very tired”; -@0101xiahtic 아니라고..아닐거라고..믿어왔는데..우리다섯의 적이라고..똑같이 그렇게 생각했었는데..모두의 적만은 아니였나 봅니다..우리가 같이 적이라고 생각해 왔었던 것들에..감사를 표한다는거…같이 하지 못한 시간동안 많은일이 있었나봅니다..너무 지치네요;

“I always try to think, to hear and to see something good… I really did.. But today, it’s really hard to me. Although we were parted from each other. But it was not, hyung.. We had the same thought… Why.. Why.. Why do you do this?” -@0101xiahtic 좋은것만 생각하고… 듣고.. 보려고 하는데..그렇게 해왔었는데..오늘 만큼은 참 그게 너무나 어렵네요..우리가 떨어져 있어도 ..이건 아니였잖아 형…우리 같은생각이였잖아..왜..왜..그러는거야..

“I’ll love everything.. I’ll cover and hug everything.. I’ll embrace…

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