“Hi Nt,

It is true that after AkaDong, three other DBSK5 fan cafés made the same decision. This info was also dropped in the JYJ fan café fan board. I believe it is those you listed. So yes, the boycott has begun, at least on the fanclub level. What individual fans decide with regards to purchasing Homin’s albums is there business. But ultimately I’m not surprised that their album sales is so good in spite of the boycott…SM has put its pride on the line with regards to this comeback…if only to save face, the company will most likely buy back enough albums to bring it to number 1 on the charts. *shrug*

As for who to trust…rule of thumb: Don’t trust anyone taking SM’s side. Don’t trust anyone making excuses for SM or defending SM. If they’re not being paid by SM they could have been planted by…

Lihat pos aslinya 21 kata lagi


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