T/N: Edited broken Long Videos

Part 1 Trans

Host: Today’s guest, who are also extremely popular in japan, will be the three members of JYJ.
*greet each other*
Host: Wow, there actually is such an aura around you three!*laugh* Please, sit down.
Host: This feels very refreshing. So you’ve debuted in America, what are your feelings?
Yoochun: It’s nerve racking. We feel quite nervous. Activities in Asia we’ve quite gotten used to it, but we’re a bit worried about starting actiivites in America, and we also have some expectations that we want to reach. So it’s a mixture of many emotions.
Jaejoong: Yea, I feel the same way too. It’s always like this in a place where you start new that you feel nervous. Because the language is different too. Like when we first came to Japan, it’s kind of a similar feeling: in a new world with a new…

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