But some of Homin fans unconvincingly protest that JYJ accused Homin of being betrayers. We knew ‘the mention to distort the 625 meeting’ is the only basis. And we heard that it’ll post the real fact to arrange about it.

But definite things are that many fans used the word, ‘betrayal’, is because they basically distrust SM. And before a year from the trial was raised by media, many fans felt betrayed from Homin because they already knew that they wanted to come out from SM.

There are multiple reasons to affect to them. Many fans’ opinion didn’t make suddenly just by JYJ’s conspiracy as their(Homin fans’ opinion) opinion.

On the contrary, everyone knew that HM practically criticized JYJ through the official documents and announcement to express their positions. Furthermore, people close to HM also have criticized JYJ persistingly. It is simply that they seriously diminished the images…

Lihat pos aslinya 516 kata lagi


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