This is what HM’s fansites send to DCtvxq thread.

Some clarification to the PART 1posted.

Are fanclubs in Korea changing from supporting TVXQ, to just JYJ?

There’s no the TVXQ’s official fanclub. Actually the union of many famous fansites worked instead of them. HM fans officially treated that all fans are not the TVXQ’s fan. So many famous all fan sites changed to JYJ, except HM’s individual fansites.

Does that mean those fansites are no longer supporting HoMin?

They didn’t tell like that. But after Homin fans announcement, many all fan’s fansites were upset. So some of them already announced to just support JYJ and the other also prepare to announce their official position.

HoMin fans said that TVXQ fans were no longer HoMin fans? Or the other way around?

They said ‘now the TVXQ’s members are just Yunho & Changmin. So we announce that other fans including all…

Lihat pos aslinya 41 kata lagi


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