**’the Twenties Cassiopeias for TVXQ’ is very famous fancafe in Korea. This fancafe existed since tvxq debut, never waver once. In the past, 5 members left the mentions for fans. So many Cassiopeia wanted to join TCT.**

**And DNBN, Poplez, Yuaerubi, DC, etc.. Many fansites are reaching similar decisions as I’ve told before..**

**I don’t want to tell this. So I didn’t answer the questions about the situation in Korea for several days. But I think international fans have to know the situation in Korea and they have the right to know. There is a proverb in Korea. “Palms never hide the sky.”**

**Some of you will attack me again. But it is the reality. Some of you also think Korean fans are arrogant. But if many Korean fans boycott TVXQ as duo, they never work in even overseas. Because they don’t make profits, SM will never support them. If…

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