According to Kfan all 6 major DBSK5 fancafe are deciding on changing their stans and are voting on it right now.. one has already announced something, a summary:

Basically, this is an official statement from the DBSK fanclub ‘AkaDang’, a DBSK5 fanclub of people in their 20s…the bulk of the message deals with how the fanclub was disappointed in SM’s decision to have Homin continue under the name Dong Bang Shin Ki, which only has meaning with all 5 original members present, and they are also disappointed in Homin’s tacit consent in using the name DBSK and coming back with a song that (in the fanclub’s view) disses the other three members. This unfortuante decision has thrown this fancafé, as well as the majority of Korean fan cafés that support all 5 members of DBSK, into a crisis of identity…and the lack of foresight that this would happen on the…

Lihat pos aslinya 123 kata lagi


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