Japanese theatre actor, Yagyu Keisuke (柳生啓介), praised Yuchun in his first special column ‘Actor’s Eye’ in the Japanese magazine ‘Korean TV Drama Perfect Guide’.

Yagyu Keisuke, ‘Actor’s Eye’: Park Yuchun

First column: Yuchun’s backpack

“Yagyu-san, that backpack ~ it’s cool!” are words that I recently heard from friends. This backpack that I like to show off, is actually the same as the one Yuchun-san carried in ‘Rooftop Prince’.

A late self-introduction. Everyone, nice to meet you, I’m Yagyu Keisuke, an actor from the drama company, ‘Zenshinza’(劇団前進座). As an actor, to learn from others, I started watching Korean dramas and it has been 10 years without me realising it. The dramas’ higher meaning, ideals, being moved, the sincere attitude of actors towards their roles, their passion and sacrifice towards acting give me an enormous amount of strength. As an actor, that is the goal that I’m aiming for.

This is of…

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