The book is called 나는 다만 조금 느릴뿐이다 (“I’m Only Just Slow”) by Kang Se Hyung

[Note: She is the same author who also wrote the book 나는 아직 어른이 되려면 멀었다 (“I Still Have a Long Way to go Before I Become an Adult”) that Kim Jaejoong once tweeted about.]

“Music gift arrived! Please check it on your My Page gift box.”

A sunbae unnie in her middle thirties fell hard, hard for an idol turned actor. When we met up, she even only talked about this child. She told me to get up eventually when it became 9:30 PM. The reason was for tuning in live to the drama this child was starring in.

Then a few days later, she sent me a music gift.

“This is the drama OST my Yuchunnie sings, please have a listen for me. You see, I can only get it once with…

Lihat pos aslinya 101 kata lagi


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