JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong recently talked how he feels about being an honorary ambassador for a state function.

On February 20, JYJ attended an appointment ceremony, which was held at Lotte Hotel in Seoul for the ’2014 Incheon Asian Games.’

At the ceremony, Kim said, “I think we should satisfy and enrich the public with music. We are honored and thankful to have this great chance to promote the event to the public.”

“Since we perform abroad a lot, we can promote Korean culture and I think that makes us to grow.”

Kim added that he enjoys watching table tennis and badminton during the Asian Games.

He also talked about how he feels about being an honorary ambassador, “We’re honored to join this important and historical event. We’ll do our best to promote K-pop and the event.”

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On the 31st of December, the day Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun) won the Best Male Newcomer Award at the KBS Drama Awards as ‘Lee Seon Joon’ in ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, Park Yoochun’s fanclub gifted Kim Jin Su (13), who is suffering from a brain lesion disorder, with presents and a donation. Their story was aired on KBS 2TV’s News Time on January 3rd.

Though Jin Su’s mother herself is fighting with cancer, she lives every day nursing her son who is unable to move his arms or legs freely. Park Yoochun’s fanclub ‘Blessing Yoochun’ heard about the mother and son’s situation through Field of Love (withgo.kr) and immediately began collecting donations. They sent 5 million Won to pay for Jin Su’s treatment along with other presents to the hospital in Daegu that Jin Su is currently admitted in.

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Ever since Xiah Junsu tweeted an emotional series of messages to U-know Yunho, it seems like more and more SM Entertainment artists are coming out to defend the two TVXQ members. The latest of these public dissidents are Super Junior’s Sungmin and Shindong, who each took to their Twitter or mini-hompy to express their thoughts on the controversy.

On January 7th, Sungmin wrote,

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