Untuk sekarang bertahan dengan keadaan yang ada. Tunggu dan lihat apa yang akan terjadi pada hidupmu. Yang bisa kau lakukan sekarang adalah berusaha menjadi seseorang yang lebih baik.


Tata hidupmu, jangan lagi jadi seseorang yang dulu. Lupakan masa lalu. terus maju dan tatap kedepan. Lihat apa yang bisa kau lakukan agar hidupmu berjalan sesuai apa yang kau harapkan. Berubah, berubah, dan berubah. Suatu saat nanti kau akan mendapati dirimu menjadi pribadi yang berhasil dalam hidupmu. Kenali kekurang dan kelemahanmu. Perbaiki segalanya dan tutupi kelemahanmu. Jangan biarkan orang lain tahu dan menyerang kelemahanmu. Jangan jadi pribadi yang lemah, jangan lagi jadi seseorang yang terus menghindar dengan masalah yang ada. Kuatkan hati, pikiran, dan mentalmu. Biarkan segala sesuatu berjalan apa adanya. Jika orang lain bisa, kau juga pasti bisa menembus segala harapanmu. Jangan pernah menyerah, terus gapai impianmu.

do what you think good for your live. till your dream comes true..

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[STAFF ACCOUNT] 130927 XIA Junsu’s Press Conference at SBS PopAsia Studios


XIA’s Incredible Press Conference in Sydney, Australia

A bright and cheerful Xia greeted the Media at SBS PopAsia studios wearing a shirt with words to make all the fangirls squeal- ‘Love of my Life’.

After greeting the audience the very first question asked Xia what he thought of Sydney. Answering immediately Xia said Sydney is a very beautiful city, adding that as soon as you see the city from the airplane you know it is beautiful. He was then asked where his favourite place in Sydney is, after visiting Sydney for a holiday in 2010 with fellow JYJ members Jaejoong and Yoochun. Xia explained that despite seeing the Opera House so often in text books and on the TV, when he saw it in person it was so much grander. He added that he also enjoyed doing the Harbour Bridge Climb, and eating both Kangaroo Steak and Crocodile…

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JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong recently talked how he feels about being an honorary ambassador for a state function.

On February 20, JYJ attended an appointment ceremony, which was held at Lotte Hotel in Seoul for the ’2014 Incheon Asian Games.’

At the ceremony, Kim said, “I think we should satisfy and enrich the public with music. We are honored and thankful to have this great chance to promote the event to the public.”

“Since we perform abroad a lot, we can promote Korean culture and I think that makes us to grow.”

Kim added that he enjoys watching table tennis and badminton during the Asian Games.

He also talked about how he feels about being an honorary ambassador, “We’re honored to join this important and historical event. We’ll do our best to promote K-pop and the event.”

JYJ is recognized as a powerful Hallyu star and earned a nickname as a singer specialized…

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